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Last update: May 2016 
ISIDe is properly referenced as: 'ISIDe working group (2016) version 1.0, DOI: 10.13127/ISIDe'. 

WARNING: ISIDe is about to be discontinued

ISIDe is about to be closed as of 2017 March 1st and replaced by a new open data portal.
Click here to see what is about to change in the new portal.


ISIDe publishes earthquake parameters provided in quasi real-time by the Italian earthquake surveillance service, together with hypocenter parameters from the Italian Seismic Bulletin, routinely revised by the analysts of the Centro Nazionale Terremoti (INGV, CNT). Raw data or phase readings come from the Italian National Seismic Network, a complex structure of more than 230 stations. The Centro Nazionale Terremoti has installed and operates most of those stations, but a considerable number of seismometers contributing to our locations has been installed and is maintained by other INGV departments (Napoli, Catania, Milano) or even other Italian or European Institutions. The following table reports a list of networks and Institutions that are nowadays sharing at least one seismic station with the Italian National Seismic Network.

Network name Network owner FDSN Network Code Network Code (not FDSN)
INSN, Italian National Seismic Network INGV, CNT, Roma IV
MedNet, Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network INGV, CNT, Roma MN
Rete Sismica dell’Osservatorio Vesuviano INGV, Napoli (OV)
Rete Sismica della Sicilia Orientale INGV, Catania I1
Friuli Veneto short period network CRS-OGS, Udine, Italy FV
Switzerland Seismologic Network Swiss Seismological Service ETH, Zürich CH
Regional Seismic Network of Northwestern Italy DipTeRis, Genova Italy (IG)
National Observatory of Athens Digital Broadband Network NOA, Athens HL
Austrian Seismic Network ZAMG, Vienna OE
French Broadband Seismological Network ReNaSS, Strasburg, INSU/CNRS Paris FR
Marche (Central Italy) regional Network Regione Marche, Ancona, Italy RM

We publish here parameters pertaining to all the seismic stations that gave a contribution to the earthquake locations contained in the data base. This information is not exhaustive of all the seismic stations installed today in Italy, nor of the many stations installed in the past.