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Last update: May 2016 
ISIDe is properly referenced as: 'ISIDe working group (2016) version 1.0, DOI: 10.13127/ISIDe'. 

WARNING: ISIDe is about to be discontinued

ISIDe is about to be closed as of 2017 March 1st and replaced by a new open data portal.
Click here to see what is about to change in the new portal.

About the transition to the new CNT web site

How to reach the new data portal

You can simply follow this link.

Many new features

Detailed information about an earthquake

The new Centro Nazionale Terremoti (CNT) web data portal shows all the details of all seismic events recorded by INGV seismic networks. We can access all such event details simply by clicking on an earthquake on the list in the home page.
We can also see the seismicity recorded in a specifica area, the sismic risk and focal mechanisms and download data.

Access to many data catalogs

A specific link in the home page leads to the varius data sources.
We mention the Italian Seismic Bulletin, the Time Domain Moment Tensors (TDMT), the Shake Maps and all other parametric catalogs.

What happens to ISIDe previously registered users?

The new CNT web site does not need user registration.
Personal data related to previusly registered ISIDe users is going to be removed from all our databases.

Shortcuts to filter searches

Earthquake search funcions are made more easy, efficient and intuitive.
For example, specific buttons have been implemented to switchfrom italian earthquakes to worldwide ones; also magnitude and time ranges can be handled quickly.

Maps are made easy

Maps are immediately accessible through an appropriate button.

How to export lists of events

The new and improved web site also implements many data export functions.
Text,KML,QuakeML and ATOM files containing search results can be downloaded.

How to download seismic records

Seismic records can be downloaded to the pertaining section of the Event Detail tab.
The only difference is that data is now available in FullSEED format, which is an international standard for seismological data exchange.
About that, many format converters are available on the Internet.

For developers

Recently many applications have been developed to recover data from ISIDe and share them via smartphones or social media.
This practice is perfectly legal when the authors refer to ISIDe as the original data source.
Of course such apps will stop working if they are not upgraded when ISIDe is closed.
So we strongly recommend to visit and study the open data via webservices pages to understand how to get data via webservices.

Work in progress

Some ISIDe features are not yet available on the CNT data portal
A team of IT specialists is working to replicate these features and make them available as soon as possible.