ISIDe: Italian Seismological Instrumental and Parametric Data-Base

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The Italian Seismological Instrumental and Parametric Data-Base (ISIDe), version 1.0 contains the parameters of earthquake locations performed by the surveillance service of INGV Rome. It consists of hundreds thousands events occurred in the Italian region in the time frame between 01-01-1985 and today. To locate the earthquakes we used more than 500 stations of the National Seismic Network (a href="" alt="Instruments">, operated by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) and regional and international networks operated by several providers.

The locations are then reviewed by specialized analysts to produce the Italian Seismic Bulletin (BSI; and updated within ISIDe. Over time the practises of the BSI changed, and also the type of magnitudes attributed by the analysts (see dedicated explanation) changed with the change in the network from analog to digital from one-component to broadband. Today only earthquakes with M>=1.5 are reviewed by the Italian Seismic Bulletin ( analysts.

ISIDe data can be extracted in details in Quakeml (containing uncertainties and various versions of locations and magnitudes, from automatic determinations to reviewed one), while Text, Kml and Atom formats produce simplified information in the extraction; waveforms data are available in full SEED.

ISIDe is properly referenced as: ISIDe working group (2016) version 1.0, DOI: 10.13127/ISIDe.