Seismic networks

We publish here the parameters of all the seismic stations that gave a contribution to the earthquake locations contained in this website. Raw data or phase readings are produced by the Italian National Seismic Network, or by other local, regional and national networks belonging to other Italian or foreign institutions.
This information is not exhaustive of all the seismic stations installed today in Italy or in the neighbour countries, nor of the many stations that have been operative in the past.
The instrumental parameters published are defined by the StationXML format .


Code Name Number of stations
3A Seismic Microzonation Network, 2016 Central Italy 50
4A Emersito Seismic Network for Site Effect Studies in L'Aquila town, Central Italy 12
4C NERA-JRA1 Argostoli basin experiment, Greece 16
5J The Sardinia Passive Array experiment 8
AC Albanian Seismic Network 8
BA Universita della Basilicata Seismic Network 1
CH Switzerland Seismological Network 10
CR Croatian Seismograph Network 5
FR French Broadband and Accelerometric Seismological Network 4
GE GEOFON Global Seismic Network 1
GU Regional Seismic Network of North Western Italy 35
HL National Observatory of Athens Seismic Network 2
IT Italian Strong Motion Network 40
IV Italian Seismic Network 574
IX Irpinia Seismic Network, Italy 27
MN Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network 35
NI North-East Italy Broadband Network 14
OE Austrian Seismic Network 2
OT OTRIONS Local Seismic Network, Apulia, Italy 13
OX North-East Italy Seismic Network 20
RD CEA/DASE Seismic Network, France 2
RF Friuli Venezia Giulia Accelerometric Network, Italy 1
SI Sudtirol Network, Italy 7
SL Slovenia Seismic Network 3
ST Trentino Seismic Network, Italy 8
TV INGV Experiments Network 66
VR Virgo Interferometric Antenna for Gravitational Waves Detection 3
X3 INGV SISMIKO emergency seismic network for Salemi-Italy 4
XK Temporary network seismic in Central Calabria 3
XO EMERSITO Seismic Network, 2016 Central Italy 40
YD Seismic Emergency for Molise-Italy by Sismiko 5
Z3 AlpArray Seismic Network (AASN) temporary component 16
ZH INGV SISMIKO Emergency Seismic Network 1
ZM Seismic Emergency for Ischia by Sismiko 6