Earthquake with magnitude of ML 1.7 on date 03-04-2020 and time 05:35:19 (Italy) in region Costa Ionica Crotonese (Crotone)

A magnitude ML 1.7 earthquake occured in region: Costa Ionica Crotonese (Crotone), on

  • 03-04-2020 03:35:19 (UTC)
  • 03-04-2020 05:35:19 (UTC +02:00) Italian time

and geographic coordinates (lat, lon) 39.08, 17.24 at 10 km depth.

The earthquake was located by: Sala Sismica INGV-Roma.

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The values of hypocentral coordinates and magnitude may be revised at a later time as more information becomes available.

Municipalities within 20 km from the epicenter

Distances are determinated based on the geographic coordintes of the (Istat).
Municipality Region Dist Inh Cum Inh
Crotone KR 10 62178 62178
Isola di Capo Rizzuto KR 18 17643 79821

Municipalities with at least 50000 inhabitants

An earthquake occurred to
10 Km E of Crotone (62178 inhabitants)
59 Km E of Catanzaro (90612 inhabitants)
81 Km E of Lamezia Terme (70714 inhabitants)
88 Km E of Cosenza (67546 inhabitants)
Recent and historical Seismicity
Seismic hazard
Felt maps
The earthquake effects in MCS scale as obtained from the compiled questionnaire

The earthquake effects in MCS scale as obtained from the compiled questionnaire

This map shows the distribution of the effects of the earthquake on the territory in terms of the MCS (Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg) intensity scale. The intensities are determined using the data provided in the questionnaire ( that are analysed using robust statistical techniques since they are not verified individually. Specifically, the assignment of MCS intensities greater or equal the VI degree of the MCS scale require opportune in situ verification by professional experts. The purple start shows the epicenter. This map is prepared every so often that the population fill in new questionnaires. The number of questionnaires used to determine the map and the date and time of the last adjournment are shown in the upper right part of the panel.
Locations history
Type Magnitude Date and Time (UTC) Latitude Longitude Depth (km) Published time (UTC) Author Location ID
Rev 100 ML 1.7 2020-04-03
39.08 17.24 10 2020-04-03
Sala Sismica INGV-Roma 77812711
Preferred location and magnitude until now.
Origin information


Field Value
Time (UTC) 2020-04-03 03:35:19 ± 0.36
Latitude 39.08 ± 0.02
Longitude 17.24 ± 0.02
Depth (km) 10 (operator assigned)
Evaluation mode of Origin manual
Evaluation status of Origin reviewed
Version 100 -> SURVEY-INGV
Event type earthquake
Origin ID 77812711


Field Value
Preferred uncertainty description uncertainty ellipse
Semi-major axis of confidence ellipse (meter) 2060
Semi-minor axis of confidence ellipse (meter) 1760
Azimuth of major axis of confidence ellipse. Measured clockwise from South-North direction at epicenter (gradi) 312
Circular confidence region, given by single value of horizontal uncertainty (meter) 2060
Confidence level of the uncertainty (%) 68


Field Value
Largest azimuthal gap in station distribution as seen from epicenter (degree) 264
Number of associated phases, regardless of their use for origin computation 11
Number of defining phases 11
RMS of the travel time residuals of the arrivals used for the origin computation (sec) 0.3
Epicentral distance of station closest to the epicenter (degree) 0.38851
Epicentral distance of station farthest from the epicenter (degree) 0.88943
Number of stations at which the event was observed 8
Number of stations from which data was used for origin computation 8
Magnitude information


Field Value
Value 1.7
Uncertainty 0.2
Num. used stations 14
Type of magnitude ML
Reference to an origin 77812711
Agency INGV
Autore Sala Sismica INGV-Roma
Time of creation (UTC) 2020-04-03 03:42:43
Picking and Arrival
SCNL Time Uncertainty Polarity Evaluation_mode Phase Azimuth Distance Takeoff_angle Residual Weight
IV.PLAC.HHE. 2020-04-03T03:35:37.22 0.3 undecidable manual P 225 0.8894 50 0.86 54
XK.SELL.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:36.63 0.3 undecidable manual S 259 0.4874 50 -0.09 75
IV.SERS.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:35.02 0.3 undecidable manual S 264 0.4326 50 -0.08 76
IV.CAR1.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:35.23 0.6 undecidable manual P 283 0.8175 50 0.1 47
MN.TIP.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:34.20 0.1 undecidable manual S 285 0.3885 50 0.4 96
IV.CELI.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:32.26 0.6 undecidable manual P 300 0.6529 50 -0.06 49
IV.PIPA.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:30.24 0.3 undecidable manual P 321 0.5225 50 0.16 73
XK.SELL.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:29.14 0.3 undecidable manual P 259 0.4874 50 -0.34 71
XK.ALB1.HHE. 2020-04-03T03:35:29.49 0.3 undecidable manual P 264 0.5045 50 -0.28 72
IV.SERS.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:28.32 0.1 negative manual P 264 0.4326 50 -0.22 98
MN.TIP.HHZ. 2020-04-03T03:35:27.60 0.1 negative manual P 285 0.3885 50 -0.19 100
Station Magnitude and Amplitude
SCNL mag Generic_amplitude Period Type Category Unit Time_window_reference
MN.TIP.HHN. ML:1.4 8.15E-5 0.6 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:34.41
MN.TIP.HHE. ML:1.4 7.51E-5 0.6 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:36.10
IV.SERS.HNE. ML:1.7 0.0001245 0.46 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:37.31
IV.SERS.HHN. ML:1.6 0.0001205 0.8 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:37.70
IV.SERS.HNN. ML:1.6 0.000111 1.02 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:38.62
IV.SERS.HHE. ML:1.6 0.00010625 1.04 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:39.63
IV.PIPA.HNE. ML:2 0.000211 1.36 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:42.04
IV.PIPA.HHE. ML:1.8 0.000146 1.38 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:42.04
IV.PIPA.HNN. ML:2 0.0001995 1 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:43.03
IV.PIPA.HHN. ML:1.8 0.0001365 1.42 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:43.75
IV.CELI.HHE. ML:1.4 4.385E-5 1.48 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:44.87
IV.CELI.HHN. ML:1.5 5.29E-5 0.4 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:46.71
IV.CAR1.HHN. ML:1.8 7.035E-5 0.5 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:53.38
IV.CAR1.HHE. ML:1.9 8.325E-5 0.7 AML other m 2020-04-03T03:35:56.23
TDMT - Time Domain Moment Tensor
Focal Mechanism in the area
Type Description Link
QuakeML - small Event, Origin, FocalMechanism Download
QuakeML - full Event, Origin, FocalMechanism, Amplitude, Arrival, Pick, Station Magnitude Download